RockTec Solutions, LLC
About Us:
RockTec Solutions is a combination of Rock Mechanics Assist and BoreCam Mining Technology. This integration of team member experiences and expertise provides the mining industry with unparalleled equipment and services to maximize safety and production.
Gary Petersen:
Principal Engineer/Consultant.
Gary has a BS degree in Mining Engineering from Michigan Tech in 1975. He has accumulated 37 years solving ground control problems in underground mines. His first 16 years solving serious ground control issues in a very deep salt mine in Upstate New York for Cargill Salt. In 1991, he launched Rock Mechanics Assist (RMA), as an independent rock mechanics engineer/consultant, he focused on assisting underground mines in solving their ground condition problems. Based on his 37 years of experience, he has developed a systematic protocol for evaluating ground conditions and deriving effective ground control solutions for underground mines. Recently, he along with several of his colleagues has formed RockTec Solutions.
Brad Petersen:
Product / Manufacturing Engineer.
Brad has a Mechanical Engineering Technology degree from Northern Michigan University in 2008 and help start BoreCam Mining technology in 2009. Brad specializes in rock mechanics instrumentation and BoreCam borehole video camera design and manufacturing. Recently he along with several of his colleagues has formed RockTec Solutions.
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